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Transportation Service, for AIP-TW Members only

AIPTW members are provided transportation to any destination within the service boundaries of The Woodlands and the adjacent medical facilities to the Northeast. Rides are provided by qualified volunteer drivers who are covered by a supplemental insurance policy supplied by AIP-TW.

Rides are normally and reliably scheduled between 9 AM and 4 PM on weekdays but may be offered (but not guaranteed) at other hours and on weekends if volunteers can be found.

To qualify for these services, Riders must complete a “Rider Registration Form”, submit it to the Transportation Committee, and be accepted by the committee. Acceptance can only be given when the Committee feels that there are enough volunteer drivers available to support the additional rider.

Upon acceptance, the Rider will be given a certificate worth one hundred (100) points, good for one calendar year from date of acceptance.  One point is used per ride to destination and another point for the return trip home. Since there is no limitation on the purpose of the trip or to the destination within the service boundaries, it is the responsibility of the Rider to make best use of the limited points provided. When the certificate expires after one year, another will be issued provided the member remains in good standing.

To secure a ride, the member calls the dispatcher’s phone number shown on the Rider’s Certificate and provides the necessary information normally at least 24 hours in advance. The Dispatcher then finds the nearest volunteer driver on duty for the day and time and sets up the reservation with the appointed driver. The dispatcher will call the rider back to give the name of the volunteer driver. Usually the Driver will call the Rider in advance of the scheduled ride to exchange information on how to recognize each other and to establish the exact pickup point.

On arrival at the pickup point, the Driver will present a photo ID (Texas Driver’s License). Normally the Rider will get into the vehicle unassisted while the Driver stows any walkers, canes, etc. into the trunk. If more than normal assistance is needed, this information should be given to the Dispatcher at the time the ride is requested. We are not able to supply wheelchair lift service at this time.

When the ride is to a healthcare appointment, the dispatcher will verify the date and time of the appointment and determine the approximate wait time. The volunteer Driver may then decide whether or not to wait for the return ride. If this Driver can’t wait, a second volunteer Driver may be scheduled for the return trip and the Rider will be given the name and phone number of the return Driver.

After the conclusion of each ride the Dispatcher will contact both the Rider and the Driver(s) for any feedback information and will ask both to rate their experiences, 1 to 5 stars. This information will be used to improve our service continually. At this time, the points spent by the Rider are transferred to the Driver’s account where they will accumulate for use when the Driver eventually becomes a Rider or may be gifted to any other registered Rider.

Transportation Service offers volunteer opportunities for Driver, Dispatcher and Committee member positions. We encourage you to contact any Committee member or Board member for details.

Ride Sharing - Driver Application
Ride Sharing, driver application

Ride Sharing - rider application
 Ride Sharing, rider application

Driver's Manual
Driver's Manual